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S03E11: Finding Nemo-rocco

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on December 16th, 2014

The Wanderers this week played in the club world cup, where they came off the pitch squeaky clean due to the weather, but couldn't keep their sheet in the same condition and missed out on their dream match with Real Madrid. The team now goes on to contest the fifth place playoff against Algerian team ES Setif, who we hope gets ES se-mashed.
With mostly away games coming up, we’ve got details of how the RBB will be getting behind Nato - flag making and waving extraordinaire - who’s having a rough time, as well as all the usual stuff as well.
This is Around the Bloc.
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S03E10: No Money, Mo’ Problems

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on December 10th, 2014

Well, the Wanderers lost two games in the last week, and to top it off, the players are having issues with the clubs owners about their bonuses for playing in the Club World Cup… That’s right, the Wanderers are playing in the Club World Cup! We start off against a Mexican team, once we Cruz through them, things will get Real… really Real. After we Bale them over, we've got one game to win before we’re champions of the world.
Easier said than won eh?
This is Around the Bloc.
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S03E09: K-Gate

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on December 3rd, 2014

The second derby of the season has come and gone, and the Cove and the RBB were both fans of the team that didn't win. Tomi Gun’s goal was cancelled out by a screamer from Ibini, and the Wanderers winless and undefeated streaks continue.

The club did, however, perform well at the AFC Awards night, winning Club and Coach of the Year. We lost in the spelling bee, but we hope to continue this winning form on the pitch against Brisbane and Adelaide this week.

This episode is brought to you by the Number 1 (in Asia), the number 10 (in the A-League), and the letter K. 

This is Around the Bloc.

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S03E8: There are no stupid questions…

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on November 26th, 2014

The elusive Turner returns for a stint on the podcast that David Villa would be proud of, and with everyone else showing up for once, the team was 6 strong. 6 is also the number of games we’ve played in the A-League without a win, but despite what’s happening up in Brisbane, the Wanderers fans seem to be giving King Popa all their support, which they express in this weeks apparently silly ATBFeedback. The question of the week segment is back also, and is answered by Ivan.
On the bright side, we’re unbeaten in 2, and we cover both the Mariners and Newcastle games, as well as the upcoming Sydney Derby which is a must win for so many reasons - namely the bragging rights that come with it. It could be a first loss for Sydney and a first win for us, or it could potentially see both teams at completely opposite ends of the ladder if things go Sydneys way. Hopefully it’s the former.
This is Around the Bloc.
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S03E07: Min. Power

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on November 18th, 2014

Well, the Wanderers lost again this week - but given the team line up, is there anything really to worry about? The attitudes of the team and fans alike are positive, but some improvement has to be on the cards.
We found that the podcast needed some improving too, so we introduce Question of the Week on this show, and I give a long, detailed history of podcasting which I’m sure is going to be as much fun for you to listen to as I had telling it, and I didn't even insult anyone in the process. Well, I don’t think I did - I'll keep an eye on twitter though. There’s that, W-League, Youth League, Nikminnit and all the other stuff on this weeks episode of Around the Bloc.
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S03E06: The D

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on November 12th, 2014

The trilogy has ended and we are Alan-less this week, as well as Ivan-less and Turner-less, not to mention still win-less in the A-league and Santalab-less, because he is shoulder-less. We can't do much about missing podcasters or the need for surgery, but, like Seyi Adeleke, the Wanderers need to turn around and head in the right direction, and they can begin in Perth where they play the Glory this weekend.
One thing we are not missing this week is Speccy, who has returned from Riyadh to tell us a few tales of the road, and why he thinks Qatar should retain World Cup Hosting rights, and if you haven't already turned this off to log onto twitter and abuse him for it, thanks for staying tuned - this is Around The Bloc
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S03E05: Got It!!

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on November 5th, 2014

2014 AFC Champions League winners!

Special Guest Alan Mtashar returns to complete the trilogy as we discuss the Wanderers' historic victory in the AFC Champions League Final.

There's pride, tears, food, tangents and plenty of laughs. Pretty much everything you'd expect from another episode of Around The Bloc.
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S03E04: Lights! Camera! Asia!

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on October 29th, 2014

With the spotlight on us, the crowd roared as we entered the arena and lined up on what was one of the biggest, most nerve wracking nights of our lives. The expectations were huge and the task ahead a gruelling one, but finally, after all the interviews were over, we readied ourselves and… we started recording the most important podcast of our lives. In front of ABC cameras no less.
Oh and the Wanderers are taking a 1-0 lead to Riyadh.
This is Around The Bloc.
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S03E03: Chuckin’ A Tanty

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on October 22nd, 2014

Another bumper episode of Around the Bloc where we all have our turns at throwing a tantrum over the Derby D'Sydney result and officiating.
Most importantly though, special guest Alan Mtashar provides great insight into the world of Asian football and Al Hilal in particular, as we head towards the 1st leg of the 2014 Asian Champions League Final.
This is Around the Bloc.
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S03E02: Sincerely, Speccy

Posted in Uncategorized by aroundthebloc on October 14th, 2014

We lost to Melbourne on the weekend. Now, we're not 1-4 negativity, but it was a pretty poor performance. It was, however, the first time we've actually conceded 4 goals but it didn't seem to bother the 1,500 fans that travelled to see it.
In other news, the W-League team beat Brisbane at Brisbane which is something the A-League squad hasn't done in a while, and the Youth League squad beat Sydney, which could be a good omen for this weekend's Derby - the first of the season. The RBB will once again descend (or stumble) upon the SFS in the hopes of taking 3 points home with them in the 8th edition of Popa vs the Smurfs. Will we turn their little village into Gargamel's lair? Only time will tell.
This is Around the Bloc
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