S03E15: At Least We’re Not the Jets

When the biggest and most positive talking point of the game is the players goal celebration after a fluke of a goal, you know you haven’t played a very good game of football, and that's exactly what happened on the weekend. It wasn't fun to watch, but we tried to at least have a bit of fun talking about it.
The transfer window affects both the team and the podcast, with Speccy on loan to the Yacht Club and Nick and Ivan keeping quiet on their futures, Turner becomes the returner and makes a cameo, soon-to-be-guest-starring role, and ATB has a new sponsor which is food related, so most of our listeners (and podcasters) will probably be more excited about that than the show itself.
This is Around the Bloc.
Thanks to Caminito Food Truck for sponsoring this week's episode!
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