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Turner, Nick, Josh and Stephen return for part two of the WSW season review.

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Turner, Nick, Josh and Steve discuss the season that was.

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822 - Derby CopWatch

Whilst there should have been only scenes of celebrations in the Sydney derby in Kogarah this past Friday as the Wanderers won their first away derby since the 2013-14 season, there were scenes that should not be seen not just in the A-League, but in sports in general and towards the fans none the less.

In this special ATB, Tats and Jaush discuss the situation that unfolded between the travelling away fans (notable in the RBB) and the police geared up in riot squad uniform.

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No, we're not going to rag on Markus, quite the contrary. However some in the football world in the A-League have been bashing him figuratively over the last few weeks.

The Wanderwomen thrash Sydney FC by five (Sydney is red and black after all thus far), and sit close on the ladder to leaders City and quick rising star Mina joins us again for a look at the W-League.

The rest of the crew are back for our airing of grievances and discuss some talking points.

This is a merry around the bloc.

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812 - Flops

Nothing to talk about this week except for the youth, W-League and the greatest A-League flops of the decade.

This is around the flop...bloc.

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811 - Nix Handed a Narrow Win

Fine margins. That's the story of our last two matches and the game against the 'Nix was no different. Plenty of effort with no reward in the first half to another suspect call agains the Wanderers in the second and the other ex-man doing the damage.

Turner, Josh and Nick discuss the negatives in the loss but also the positives along with the big positive of the Wanderwomen leading the W-League.

This is around the bloc.

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Newcastle away is a fun away trip, but when you don't get a result the drive home sucks.

What doesn't suck at the moment is the Wanderwomen who won their third straight match in the W-league.

Is Muscat waiting in the wings? Will Ange be king of Japan? Does Turner overreact?


This is around the bloc

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809 - City Win VARy Late

A last minute Macca winner, controversial calls, end to end action and Michael Turner in way out of his depth.

This is around the bloc.

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808 - Bye Be Gone

Byes are boring when your teams not playing on the weekend. Never the less, the W-League kicked off and the Wanderwomen started their season with a last-minute win against Adelaide. 

We have a special guest joining us to discuss the W-League plus we find out who the Vuck aren't fond of on their team, which player can't remember Alex Baumjohann and our preview of City's visit to Bankwest this coming Friday night.

This is around the bloc (we think)...

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807 - Kabsi

It was us against the new old boys and they came out on top by their two goals to our one.

Turner, Tats, Nick and Josh (Jaush) discuss not the game itself but certain elements of where we went wrong and where we go from here.

This is around the bloc.

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806 - Lopar The Great

Let's be real, it wasn't a game for the ages. A nil-all against Brisbane isn't what we'd expect but it kept nil-all mainly thanks to the man between the sticks: Daniel Lopar.

We will discuss Lopar amongst many others alongside fellow Wanderers fan Pia who is also part of the RBB and La Banda (the drums of the RBB) for a discussion on active support plus the preview for the match in Geelong against newcomers Western United.

This is around the bloc and saved by Lopar.

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805 - Parallaxed

And so it goes Wanderers 1 Sydney FC 0 in the first derby in Parramatta for many a year.
A tense and physical match was witnessed by nearly 30K at Bankwest and all is well in Sydney and the A-League once again.

Turner, Josh (Jaush) and Nick are joined by you to talk all things Sydney derby, ball experiments, praising players, referees and also previewing the next game against Brisbane Roar this Saturday.

Sydney is red and black.

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We finally did it - we put one away against the Victory in Melbourne.

It was a 'wanderful' goal made in western Sydney from Baccus, a long rang hit from a fussballgott in Alex Meier and a joint effort from the whole team that sealed the first three points against the Victory in Melbourne since 2013.

Turner, Nick and Jaush look back and discuss how we did it along with missing jerseys, teleprompters and a preview of a very juicy looking Sydney derby the likes if which we've yet to see.

This is around the bloc? 

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803 - Dancing Duke

The return to Parramatta was a "great success!" even if it may have not been straight forward.

Duke with the goals and Lopar with the saves meant we got the three points at Wanderland.

Michael, Tatiyana, Jaush and Nick go through the game day vibe and the game itself plus preview our away trip to the Melbourne Victory.

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802 - Opposing Views

Last episode was our own lads, this one is everyone elses.

We look at the other ten clubs and the squads with our best three and league positions.

This is around the bloc (league).

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