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920 - Feedback Loop

Undefeated derby streak is over, effectively out of the top 6 and living on a prayer, we host the Phoenix from Wellington who actually travelled to and from NZ for the first time in over a year. 

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919 - Gloriously Perthetic

Two great results and then this monstrosity against Perth Glory. Great way to get into the mood for the final Sydney derby this Sunday.

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918 - Look it!

Look at this! A 5:0 win for the Wanderers against Western United means we keep our top six chances alive despite Nick claiming the season was over only a couple of weeks ago...

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Undefeated since December 2018 in the Sydney derby! Big performance from the team means we still have a chance at making the six - but we have really no room for errors.

Riot squad returns, Bobo impersonates Baggio and Shaun Evans needs to know what the "no" hands mean.

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