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S05E04: Finders (New) Keepers

The talking points weren't exactly positive after our first game at the showground, after letting a 2 goal lead quite literally slip through our fingers, ending up with just a point.

With that behind us though, we return to our new Wanderland this Saturday for a game against a team we should beat... Should.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S05E03: Over The (Ca)hill

Loads to talk about this week - El Capitan leaves us for a stint in the Middle East, Clisby and Santa leave Adelaide players with splints on their brittle knees and Super Timmy made everyone do excited little wees - all this and more on this episode of ATB

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S05E02: It’s a Long Journey

4-0, yeah, we know. We talk about why THAT happened, what we can do to fix it, and also try and find some positives in the game. Membershippackgate didn't help the situation either, but we look forward to the game against Adelaide who showed a few signs of weakness against the jets on the weekend.

This is Around the Bloc

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Round 1, Derby 1, Episode 1 - three things we've all been looking forward to for the off season. Some of the ATB crew have been overseas, some have had chips implanted in their heads, but most of us have returned for Wanderers Season 5.

Things haven't been looking too crash hot for the team in pre-season, and we're traditionally slow starters, so the upcoming game is nervously discussed amongst many other things on this episode of Around the Bloc.

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