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S02E16: Ingloryous Wanderers

Around the Bloc has a new sponsor this week in Cosy Kitchen Catering, but the feast they provided for us wasn't the only one on offer as the Wanderers devoured Perth Glory in a 3-1 win at Parramatta Stadium. It was the Wanderers thyme to shine as they rocket-ed back into 2nd place, slowly eating away at the top spot.

ATBFeedback had Speccy all heated up this week, as he struggled to digest some of the answers provided, the Youth league boys had a win but the Roar proved Toum much for the Wanderers ladies up in Queensland.

You can have your cake and eat it too, on this weeks episode of Around the Bloc.

Thanks to Cosy Kitchen Catering for sponsoring this weeks podcast! Check them out at

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S02E15: Prodigal Podcast

The Wanderers went to the City of Churches, praying for a win. Popa put a team on the pitch that had some fans asking 'why have you forsaken me?'. And would you Adam-and-Eve it? We came away with another loss. It was the RBB's tour of duty though, and the quality of the active support is a testament to the travelling fans. 

In other news, Shinji Ono is leaving the club, unlikely to return in 3 days, the W-League and Youth League teams struggle through their matches, although neither are crucified as much as Speccy is when we confront him about his 'Prodigal Son' call from last week. 

In the name of the Iván, the Turner, the Brendan and Steve, this is Around the Bloc.

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S02E14: Two and a Half Men

Two and a half men present this week's podcast, with a lineup more depleted than the Wanderers themselves, bringing you the mixed news from the last week. The Wanderers were the first team to win the Sydney Derby at home, but followed it up with a loss in Melbourne.

ATBFeedback goes into overdrive, Speccy and JAR go overboard, transfer rumours are overhyped and we all get overtly stupid, in this week's overtime Around The Bloc.

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On Around the Bloc this week - Club in crisis, as Wellington are the first team to defeat the Wanderers at Parramatta in almost a year, and have now 1-3 in a row. 

The pressing issue this week, though, is the suspended sentences placed on Western Sydney and the Melbourne Victory over the events that took place before and during their last game. The team discuss their views and one ATB member gets all 'tin-foil-hat' about it. 

We review the upcoming Sydney Derby, offer the worst football tips on the planet, and much more on this edition of Around the Bloc.

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S02E12: The Hangover

Fireworks, this week, as the ATB boys leave their luxurious holiday homes to once again bung on about the Wanderers in the first podcast of the new year. We showed sparkle and flare to beat the Mariners, were disappointed at what seemed like a minute after midnight in Melbourne, and Wellington were 2 hours AND 2 goals ahead of us, although we didn't know that at the time of recording so you can still hear the gleeful optimism in our voices.

#ATBFeedback goes live this week and we hear many different stories from Wanderers away trips, straight from the horse’s mouths, and all the usual stuff is in there too.

Finally, Happy New Year to all of our listeners. This is Around The Bloc.

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